The Features of TWS headset

The biggest feature of the TWS headset is wireless, and people no longer have to worry about the winding of the headset cable. Thanks to the integrated optical sensor, etc., the TWS earphone can be automatically connected and used when it is taken out from the earphone box, which is very convenient.


Compared with ordinary Bluetooth headsets, TWS headsets are small in size and sound quality. The application of more advanced Bluetooth technology makes connection efficiency and stability better. TWS earphones are mainly composed of chips, speakers, microphones and multiple sensors. The development of various technologies such as Bluetooth technology upgrade, diversification of chip solutions, mobile phone structure changes, system support, etc. will help promote the maturity of the TWS headset ecosystem, while sensors and AI technology promotes the diversification of TWS headset applications.


Since the release of Apple AirPods, TWS headsets have been widely watched by the market. Huawei, Xiaomi and other mobile phone manufacturers and Bose, 1MORE, Sennheiser, Sony and other branded headphones have launched TWS headsets.

How to turn off the Bluetooth headset?

How to turn off the Bluetooth headset?

Compared with ordinary headphones, Bluetooth headsets are relatively more convenient, and you can use them when connected to a mobile phone. However, how to turn off the Bluetooth headset? Let's get to know each other.

If you want to turn off the Bluetooth headset in the "power on state", "long press the function key" for 3 seconds, until it flashes red, it can be turned off. The shutdown of the headset is actually reversed with the boot, put the headset into the charging box, turn off the charging box, the headset immediately disconnects the Bluetooth connection, shuts down and enters the charging state.

Under normal circumstances, the Bluetooth headset will automatically turn off after a period of disconnection from the Bluetooth connection. If you don't need it for a short time, you don't need to turn it off. You only need to turn off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, so the phone can save power, but if there is a long time. No need to use, then it is best to turn off, so save power

Knowledge about tws true wireless Bluetooth headset

Sep 29, 2019

TWS is the abbreviation of True Wireless Stereo, TWS achieves true Bluetooth left and right channel wireless separation via Bluetooth wireless connection

1)IP index level

IP=Ingress Protection

IPX1-3 grade: Poor waterproof performance, can prevent slight water mist.

IPX4: Prevents splashing water from entering.

IPX5: Prevents jetting water from entering the daily waterproof.

IPX6 level: can completely prevent large waves from entering.

IPX7-8 grade: can be completely soaked waterproof


2)Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 4.2 difference

Bluetooth 5.0 is an upgraded version of Bluetooth 4.2

(1) The transmission efficiency has been improved by 2 times; the transmission speed is accelerated, the spectrum is improved, the power consumption is greatly reduced, and the endurance is improved.

(2) The transmission distance is 4 times that of Bluetooth 4.2.

(3) Lower power consumption, compatible with the old Bluetooth version.

(4) Bluetooth 4.2 is faster than Bluetooth 4.1


3)About endurance

Generally, the wireless Bluetooth headset has a battery life of 3-6 hours. With the charging box, it can basically be used for 3-4 times. It is a reasonable endurance.

4)Noise reduction knowledge

The noise reduction index NRR is an abbreviation of Neural Regeneration Research. The noise reduction value of the earplug is most commonly expressed by NRR, and the NRR is the noise attenuation level.

Active noise reduction is a hardware noise reduction. The principle is to use the circuit to pick up the surrounding ambient sound, and then convert it into an inverted sound signal to the speaker end. The sound presented to the human ear is ambient noise + reversed ambient noise. From the intuitive point of view, the noise is reduced and the beneficiary is himself.

Another major noise reduction technology is software noise reduction, also called CVC noise reduction. It is a software noise reduction technology that comes with the CSR chip. It only works when making a call. With this technology, the surrounding environment noise is attenuated. The other party will be able to hear a clearer voice.

At present, the TWS earphones that can achieve active noise reduction on the market are generally effective. Friends who need to reduce noise can buy special sports Bluetooth headsets and special noise canceling headphones.