Gaming Bluetooth headsets satisfy all your fantasies about gaming

Gaming Bluetooth headsets satisfy all your fantasies about gaming

“With the increasing popularity of e-sports games, the market for e-sports Bluetooth headsets has begun to flourish. Globally, the number of people using headsets has been increasing rapidly in recent years, whether it is a novice or a professional e-sports player.”

According to a report by industry analyst firm IDC, China’s Bluetooth market shipments will be about 120 million units in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 21.1%. It is estimated that in 2022, China’s Bluetooth headset market shipments will be about 130 million units, a year-on-year increase of 13.1%, of which true wireless headsets are expected to ship 9,456 units, a year-on-year increase of 16.9%.

There is no doubt that the consumer demand for wireless Bluetooth headsets to replace wired headsets, and the desire of a new generation of consumers for the “black technology” of headsets, has spawned a blue ocean market.
Since last year, major mobile phone manufacturers have “entered” the headphone market one after another, taking advantage of their brand advantages and mature industrial chains to impact traditional audio manufacturers and the huge white-label market, and promote the centralization and standardization of headphone production.
However, for players who often play mobile games, there must be a delay in the transmission of Bluetooth headsets. It is not very easy to find a low-latency wireless headset specially designed for games.
In addition to the playability of the game itself, the experience of the game is also closely related to the performance of the headset. A low-latency headset can realize the game experience of the player and the synchronization of sound and picture. In the impression of many people, gaming headsets cost thousands of dollars at every turn, and the price of our wireless gaming headsets is not only affordable, but also allows gamers to focus on every second of the game and enjoy the beauty of the gaming world.
Open the cover and connect, ultra-low game lag
The gaming headset adopts Zhongke Lanxun 8922E2 chip and is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology to reduce the full link delay, reduce power consumption and anti-interference. In conjunction with the Acoustics Laboratory, an exclusive game video and audio non-sensing delay mode has been created, especially when playing FPS shooting games, the bullets emitted are synchronized with the sound, helping you to attack quickly and enjoy the game fun.

Strong hard core, pure enjoyment of nature
What about the performance of such a high-powered headset?
The quality of the flagship decoding chip reduces the delay and improves the transmission rate, reduces the power consumption of the headset, and has a strong anti-interference ability. Whether there are many other devices in the basement or around, the signal transmission is still stable and smooth without interference. In addition, under the configuration of high-performance speakers, it presents HiFi-level high-quality acoustic performance, the high frequency is clear and translucent, the human voice is eloquent, and the low frequency dives deeply, truly achieving a pure and pleasant sound of nature.

High energy efficiency, long battery life
When the gamer opens the headphone cover, the headphone will be automatically connected to the device, no need to manually switch memory pairing (the first connection needs to be manual), which is simple and worry-free. In addition, it can be charged by placing it in the charging compartment, it can be fully charged in 1 hour, and it can be played continuously for 6 hours after being fully charged, with a standby time of up to 100 hours. Even if it is a long journey, there is no need to worry about disconnection, allowing players to immerse themselves in the game.
Unique appearance, light as nothing
The design of the gaming headset is very small and exquisite, which can be held in one hand and can be easily put into the pocket. Independent research and development, independent design of cool mecha appearance, there is LED flash to cheer during the e-sports battle, and the game atmosphere is full. Even such a lightweight earphone is ergonomically designed so that it does not occupy the ear canal, and it will not feel uncomfortable when worn for a long time (although the game is fun, please do not indulge it). So for users who are chasing a sense of gaming experience, this headset is perfect in both shape and weight.
Gaming Bluetooth headsets can not only meet the needs of gamers for fast transmission, no delay, and low power consumption, but also can easily achieve “listening to position” and “getting first” without missing any key to victory, helping e-sports players Play wave after wave of divine operations in pure game sound effects, and fully enjoy the thrill of victory in e-sports games! At the same time, it is compatible with IOS/Android/Window system, tablet, computer, notebook and other digital products.

Prospects of the gaming headset industry
Halfway through 2022, we can be sure that mobile gaming headsets and fully wireless headsets are still the mainstream products in the market. Although the popularity of PC games has declined, the popularity of mobile gaming headsets has remained constant since the launch of the mobile version of Eat Chicken. It continues to increase, and many consumers will give priority to gaming headsets when choosing Bluetooth headsets because the mobile phone cancels the headset port to bring lower latency and better gaming experience.

Post time: Sep-22-2022