Household protection knowledge

Household protection knowledge

1. How to keep yourself far away from the infection of 2019-nCoV when staying at home?

(1) Improve the health consciousness, do moderate exercises, guarantee enough sleep, do not stay overnight and improve the personal immunity;

(2) Maintain good personal health habits, cover the nose and mouth with tissue when coughing or sneezing, wash hands frequently and do not touch eyes, nose or mouth with dirty hand;

(3) Ventilate and keep on air exchange when staying at home;

(4) Avoid from contacting the person with respiratory disease (including, but not limited the symptoms of fever, coughing or sneezing etc.) ;

(5) Avoid from going to the crowded place or the space-confined place; wear the respiratory if necessary;

(6) Avoid from contacting wild animal, poultry and livestock;

(7) Insist on the safe dietary habit, and cook thoroughly edible meat and egg;

(8) Keep close eyes on the symptoms of fever, coughing, and in case of such symptoms, please see a doctor nearby in time.

2. How to eat healthily when the 2019-nCoV outbreaks?

(1) Do not eat the sick animal and its product, buy fresh poultry meat from regular channel, and cook them thoroughly before eating.

(2) Separate the chopping board and cutter used respectively for uncooked food and cooked food. Wash hands before and after handling cooked food and uncooked food.

(3) Keep in mind that the food material coming from the affected areas of COVID-19 can be eaten only after it is cooked thoroughly and handled properly in the cooking or preparation

3. How to keep yourself far away from the infection of 2019-nCoV when going to the public area?

(1) Avoid from contacting livestock or wild animal if you are not protected properly.

(2) Keep the working place ventilated; wear the respirator and reduce to contact COVID-19 in the public area such as shopping mall, bus (bus station), subway (subway station), airplane (airport) or other crowded places.

(3) Use the tissue or sleeve to cover nose completely when coughing or sneezing, throw the used tissue to the closed dustbin immediately; use soap, alcoholic sanitizer to wash hands after
coughing or sneezing.

(4) Wash hands timely after returning home from outside, go and see the doctor in the regular hospital in case of the symptom of ever or respiratory tract infection, especially recurring fever.

(5) Avoid from gathering in the season when the infectious disease outbreaks.

4. How to prevent from the infection of 2019-nCoV when buying in fresh food market?

(1) Wash hands with soap and clear water after contacting animal and animal product;

(2) Avoid from touching eyes, nose and mouth;

(3) Avoid from contacting sick animal or pathological meat;

(4) Avoid from contacting wandered animal, rubbish and waste water in the market.

5. Suggestions on household quarantine of patient with mild fever symptom

(1) Keep the patient in the ventilated single room.

(2) Limit the number of person in charge of taking care, and arrange a healthy person without chronic disease to take care.  Refuse all visits.

(3) Stay in different rooms, or keep a distance of one meter (1m) with the patient if there is no enough space.

(4) Limit the movement of patient, and minimize the share region of patient and other family members. Keep the share regions (kitchen, bathroom) ventilated (open windows).

(5) Wear the respirator when the caretaker and the patient stay together in one room, keep the respirator attach the face tightly, and avoid from touching or adjusting the respirator in the process of putting it on. Replace the respirator immediately if it is wet or dirty  due to the respiratory secretion. Take off and discard the respirator, and wash hands immediately.

(6) Clean both hands after contacting patient or entering the quarantined space of patient.

Post time: Apr-03-2020