Procedures of seeking for medical services

Procedures of seeking for medical services

1. What’s the proper time for seeing a doctor?

The 2019-nCoV pneumonia patient has the primary clinical manifestations of fever, lacking in strength, dry cough (respiratory symptom) and difficulty in breathing; the worsen 2019-nCoV
pneumonia patient has the primary manifestations of acute respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis shock, irreformable metabolic acidosis and coagulation disorders. Certain patient may
have slight onset symptoms and may have no the symptom of fever. Most of patients may have the mild symptoms and good favourable prognosis, and few patients may have worsened disease and even die. If there is symptom of fever, lacking in strength or dry cough, it is not the symptom of infection.

However in case of (1) fever (axillary temperature: ≥37.3℃), cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of acute respiratory infection; (2) Traveling to Wuhan or staying in Wuhan, or contacting the patient with fever and respiratory symptoms from Wuhan within  14 days before disease outbreaks, or involving in the clustering disease in a small range, the patient must go to the appointed medical agency for examination and diagnosis.

2. Precautions for seeing a doctor

(1) If the close contact or contact has symptoms, please go to the appointed hospital with the fever clinic.

(2) Wear the medical respirator on the way to hospital.

(3) Avoid from taking public transportation, call the ambulance or use private car to transport patient,open the window of car on the way if possible.

(4) All sick close contacts must keep the respiratory track healthy and both hands clean at all times. Keep far away from other persons (1m or above) when standing or sitting on the way or in the hospital.

(5) The surfaces of every object polluted by the secretion of respiratory tract or body fluid of the sick close contacts should be cleaned and sterilized with the sanitizer containing the diluted bleaching agents.

(6) Tell the doctor the disease symptoms and process of seeing doctors authentically, especially the history of traveling to Wuhan in recent time, the history of staying in Wuhan in recent time, and the history of contact pneumonia patient or suspected patient, or animal.

Post time: Apr-03-2020